Adoption Connections Search & Support Group


Adoption Connections has evolved over its 20-year history, from a traditional “search & support” group for adoptees and birthparents to a group that reflects the wider “family of adoption.” In the 1970s, adoptee and birthparent groups started to emerge in major cities as places where those considering a search for blood relatives, and those who had recently been “found,” could get help from their peers in navigating “the roller coaster of adoption.” Most folks who attend group today still fit that description.
But as the face of adoption has changed over the past 40 years, so have groups. In addition to support, groups have increasingly taken on local adoption reform efforts and outreach and education. Because so many individuals and families have found themselves inadequately prepared to deal with the psychological nuances of adoption, our group has expanded to include adoptive parents of both adults and children, along with adoption professionals interested in learning more about the issues faced by those they care for.

Meetings: First Tuesday of each month, from 6:30-8:30 p.m.

Group leader: Leslie Pate Mackinnon

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Meeting Location
Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Atlanta
1911 Cliff Valley Way NE, Atlanta, GA 30329

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